Whether your desire is to be a real threat to win big money bracket races, aspire towards a career in big time drag racing or simply want to get an insiders look at all that goes on in the mind and body of a race winning drag racer we can get you there.  We will make you better. We guarantee it! 

The margins between winning and losing in drag racing have never been smaller and buybacks are expensive and not that fun.  We'll make you better and get you the razor edge consistency that it takes to compete in heads up racing, bracket racing and frankly life.  This two day program will push you to be your absolute best, you can and will take lessons away from this that you'll apply in and outside the car. 


Our two day development program can be customized to you, you can take our standard course or customize it with specialty in a dragster or door car.  Doug Foley Jr. will lead you through a course that takes you thru several key areas of your development.

Just a few of the areas covered are:

  • Inside the race winning drivers mind, in the lanes, the box and on the line.

  • Gaining an advantage in burnout

  • Starting Line Procedures

  • Finish Line Technique

  • Tuning To Weather Conditions

What sets us apart?


  • Permanent location at Motor Mile Dragway, the cars and the staff are there and ready to take you to the next level.

  • The cars, whether you want to be in a funny car, door car or state of the art rear engine dragster you'll find finely tuned drag cars ready to go down the strip.

  • Our curriculum, you'll learn a lot in class and then put it to work inside the car.

  • Doug Foley Jr., simply put Doug wins.  A. LOT.   There's a racing pedigree in Doug that will help you win.  He'll share what propels him to victory lane on a regular basis with you.  

Share your goals with us, let us customize our 2 day driver development program for you and we will make you better.  A. LOT. BETTER. 

2 Days of intensive training at Motor Mile includes lunch both days at the track and IHRA License. $2495.00
Add one day additional at an NHRA 1/4 mile track for NHRA licensing. $995.00

2 Days of all the same training for a junior dragster ages 8-16 $1695.00